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At 28 years young, I have reached that point of reflection, and acceptance in life. Though I feel like I have much more to learn, I have accepted who I have become. How unperfect I am. Im ok with the mistakes I have made, I accept the lessons I've learned. And most importantly, I am more kind, because I believe that is where happiness begins. 

It's a good feeling when you do something nice for someone. Helps those in need. Lots of good vibes come your way when you do things like that. Unfortunately with the type of society we live in now, selfishness is at its highest. Trust is hard to come by so people don't wanna be too friendly. I believe when you are happy you are friendly. When you are kind, it makes you happy!

For someone who still struggles with so much, I feel like I have came a long way from where I was even a year ago. Iv learned new things about myself, and its helped me grow. I removed some people out of my life, and I added a few. My thoughts have became more positive, and I have more self control. For me the biggest battle has been controlling my thoughts, and feelings. It really is all in your mind. If you can change that, you can change your whole life! What others do and say, let that never affect you, never let it sit on your mind! You have to let things go, or they will hoover over your mind and not let you live. Train your mind, with repeated positive thoughts. Motivating yourself is going to be your way out. I personally like to listen to instrumentals from jazz, hiphop, funk, to R&B; that always helps me refocus and not think about whats bothering me. You can find many strategies for anger, and depression online! It never hurts to see somone like a counselor to vent to, you also want to make sure that your venting in a healthy way. They can give good advice on copeing and venting. 

It takes some time, and everyday is a test. Not everyday may be good, but you have to remind your self; whats really important. Live your life everyday like its your last. Tell everyone you care about that you love them. And like you must of already heard; never let anyone or anything get you down! 



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