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I am an aspiring poet, from a small local community in Texas. I started writing poetry at a very young age, and would start to rap in high school. Though, I took a break from it, while I had my 3 boys. I started Live-Love-Poetry in 2015, to get back to my passion, and bring inspiration to others. 🎀🌹Live-Love-Poetry has evolved into so much more since then, venturing into fashion, and currently working on my line of candles, and soaps. I have always had many passions, and dreams. I will continue to work towards them. I am more determined, focused, and pasionate about what I do, nothing can stop me now! ✨I have created some custom graphic designs, and choosen some from other artist, to add to tees! My own on iphone cases. Go check them out!  🎨🎶📓 Take a look around, and feel free to email me with any questions. 

 Sincerely - E.J



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